Sarah Brightman DVDs:

Most of these DVD’s feature Sarah’s live performances but more recently she has been appearing in movies – notably “Repo” and the upcoming “Cosi”, the DVD’s are sorted with the oldest at the bottom. Out of print VHS cassettes are not listed.

CosiRepo! The Genetic OperaSymphony Live in Vienna DVD

Diva - The video CollectionThe Harem World Tour - Live from Las VegasHarem - A Desert Fantasy
La Luna - Live in ConcertOne Night in EdenSarah Brightman In Concert

Other DVDs of Interest:

All of the following DVD’s feature Sarah briefly where she performs one or a few songs.

Amalfi MovieAndrea Bocelli - Vivere Live in TuscanyConcert for Diana
Andrew Lloyd Webber - The Royal Albert Hall CelebrationAndrea Bocelli - A Night in Tuscanyno more in this section