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Possibly Sarah’s most sucessful album to date. Harem has a middle eastern feel throughout and was a great success in that area of the world. Sarah worked with many people on this album including Jaz Coleman, Nigel Kennedy, Ofra Haza, Brian Johnson and Sofie B Hawkins.

  1. Harem (Cançã Do Mar)
  2. What a Wonderful World
  3. It’s a Beautiful Day
  4. What You Never Know
  5. The Journey Home
  6. Free
  7. Mysterious Days
  8. The War Is Over Now
  9. Misere Mei
  10. Beautiful
  11. Arabian Nights
  12. Stranger In Paradise
  13. Until The End Of Time
  14. Gueri De Toi (Bonus Track)
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Year: 1998 | Record Label: EastWest / Warner | Cat: 63984-25492-2

Harem comes with various tracklistings for different countries (generally just 1 or 2 bonus tracks).
‘Harem’, ‘It’s a Beautiful Day’ ‘What You Never Know’ and Free’ all became singles.