Chinese releases

April 24, 2010  |  No Comments

I’ve just updated the site with artwork of the Chinese official releases that come packaged in amaray cases on the collectables page

Below are the back cover scans which I didn’t feel were needed on that page.

Shopping tip: RSS feeds

March 30, 2010  |  No Comments

I was telling a friend earlier about how I have an rss feed set up to notify me when new Sarah Brightman items get listed on Ebay UK and they suggested I share it with everyone else, so here goes.
I don’t really want to get into details about various readers etc so I’ll just say I currently use google reader and I’m quite happy with it.

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March 11, 2010  |  No Comments

I would really like to get into contact with siewmay about the possibility of web or design work.
I sent a message this evening but unfortunately I noticed the feedback form on goes to the webmaster so I’m not certain my messages actually go any further due to their nature.

If you have a mail contact for Siewmay (or you are Siewmay :p) please get in touch using the contact form on this page.

Minor changes

March 11, 2010  |  No Comments

I’ve just made a few changes to the site start page. Mainly just some background things and I’ve made the wallpaper and latest album boxes prettier.

The latest blog posts still needs work as its not only ugly, but its breaking validation.

Shall Be Done

February 22, 2010  |  No Comments

Sarah performed “Shall Be Done”, Panasonic’s official campaign song at a Panasonic reception in Vancouver on Feb 11.
The event was open to the media only.

Earlier in the day, Panasonic announced the song and unveiled the 3D video of Sarah performing the song at the launch of the Panasonic Olympic Pavilion at LiveCity Vancouver Yaletown, official celebration site of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games.

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Plant update: Week 6

January 19, 2010  |  No Comments

I’ve done an update on the plant I’m growing. It seems to be growing nicely and thanks to my sister’s advice its getting trimmed in the right places (I hope) :)