Over the course of her career, Sarah has worked with an extremely varied selection of musicians including;

Andrea BocelliAndrea Bocelli – Italian Tenor
A long time collaborator most known for the duets ‘time to Say Goodbye’ and ‘Canto Della Terra’

José CarrerasJosé Carreras – Catalan Tenor
Co-performer on the offical 1992 Barcelona Olympics anthem ‘Amigos Para Siempre’

Jaz ColemanJaz Coleman – Killing Joke
Worked with Sarah on Harem as an arranger and consultant to Middle Eastern Orcestras

Michael CrawfordMichael Crawford – British Actor and Tenor
The Phantom

José CuraJosé Cura – Argentine Tenor and Barritone
José worked with Sarah on a few duets, notibly “Just Show Me How To Love You” and ‘There For You” both of which became singles

Andrew EldritchAndrew Eldritch – Sisters of Mercy
Backing vocalist on the ‘Fly’ album and performed the German ‘speaking’ part on ‘How Can Heaven Love Me’

Josh GrobanJosh Groban – American Singer/Songwriter
Performed ‘There For Me’ on Sarah’s La Luna tour and later on performed with Sarah at the ‘Concert for Diana’, which was broadcast to over 500 million people

Sophie B HawkinsSophie B Hawkins – Singer/Songwriter
Co-wrote ‘Free’ on the’Harem’ album

Plácido DomingoPlácido Domingo – Spanish Tenor
One of the main parts of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘Requiem’, along with Sarah and Paul miles-Kingston.

Brian JohnsonBrian Johnson – AC/DC
Co-writing credit of the song ‘Arabian Nights’, from the ‘Harem’ album

Tom JonesTom Jones – Welsh Singer
Tom sang a duet on the ‘Fly’ Album with Sarah called ‘Something In The Air’

Nigel KennedyNigel Kennedy – Violinist/violist
Featured artist on the tracks ‘Free’ and ‘The War is Over’ both from the ‘Harem’ album

Fernando LimaFernando Lima – Countertenor
Fernando performed the duet ‘Pasión’ with Sarah on her ‘Symphony’ album (which became a single) and joined her on tour to sing

Cliff RichardCliff Richard – English Singer/Songwriter
Cliff has performed two duets with Sarah which became singles. ‘All I ask of You’ – from Phantom of the Opera and ‘Only You’ from Starlight Express

Alessandro SafinaAlessandro Safina – Italian Tenor
Alessandro sang the duet ‘Sarai Qui’ on the ‘Symphony’ album. He also joined Sarah on tour where he also dueted ‘Canto Della Terra’

Kadim Al SahirKadim Al Sahir – Iraqi singer
Kadim performed the duet ‘The War Is Over’ on Sarah’s Harem album

Paul StanleyPaul Stanley – American singer and actor
Kiss legend Paul sings the duet ‘I Will Be with You’ with Sarah on her ‘Symphony’ album

Chris ThompsonChris Thompson – English singer
Chris is a long time collaborator with Sarah having worked on her ‘Fly’ album and also ‘Symphony’, Chris joined Sarah on her most recent tour where he dueted ‘Phantom of the Opera’